The Choir's Director

Dàniel DombóMag. Dàniel Dombó was born in Budapest in 1985. Since December 2018, he is director of the Salzburg A-Cappella Choir.

Dàniel Dombó holds academic degrees as a singing and music teacher for senior high schools, as a church music teacher and as a orchestra and choir conductor. He also passed conducting master classes with Prof. Andras Farkas and Prof. Alois Glaßner as well as an operatic master class with Prof. Ilona Tokody. He plays the violin, the clarinet, the piano and the organ and composes music. Some of his works have become part of the Salzburg A-Cappella Choire's repertoire.

Dàniel Dombó has sung with and/or conducted various choirs such as the University Choir, the Cantate Choir and the Adorate Choir as well as the New Franz Liszt Choir in Budapest, the Vienna Chamber Choir, the Cantus Arcis Choir and the Arnold Schönberg Choir in Vienna. Aside of his role in the Salzburg A-Cappella Choir, he sings with the Salzburg Bach Choir and is Assistant Director of the Salzburg Cathedral Choir.

Dàniel Dombó regularly participates in opera prjects in Vienna and Salzburg. He is chairing the Danubius culture club and has issued numerous scientific publications. He also runs the Dombó Production artist and concert agency. For more informationen, visit



28. und 29. Juni 2024: Konzert "Im Freien zu singen"

Chorwerke über Natur, Liebe und Sehnsucht präsentiert der Salzburger A-Cappella Chor bei seinem Frühlingskonzert an zwei Terminen zum Sommerbeginn. Das Programm spannt einen weiten Bogen von Renaissance über Barock, Klassik und Romantik

Freitag, 14. Juni 2024, 15:00 Uhr: Konzert im Haus der ungarischen Musik (Magyar Zene Háza) in Budapest

Chorleiter Daniel Dombó führt den Salzburger A-Cappella Chor in seine Heimatstadt Budapest, wo zwei Auftritte geplant sind: Am Freitag, den 14. Juni 2024, um 15:00 Uhr tritt der Salzburger A-Cappella Chor mit seinem Konzertprogramm "Im